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Tahiti & Her Islands
The islands of French Polynesia have long been acclaimed as the most beautiful in the South Pacific. Best known of these groups is the Society Islands, consisting of the Windward Group (Tahiti, Moorea, Tetiaroa) and the Leeward Group (Huahine, Raiatea/Tahaa and Bora Bora ). Other island groups include the Tuamotu Archipelago (Rangiroa) and the Marquesas Islands. Explorers Samuel Wallis, Louis Antoine de Bougainville and James Cook described them in their journals, and Paul Gauguin painted them on canvas. What are the lures of fabled Tahiti and her neighboring islands? Spectacular mountains plunge into an ocean reflecting every shade of blue. Tropical rain forests teem with brilliant flowering shrubs and trees. Deserted beaches and quiet lagoons lure you to stroll and swim undisturbed. Colorful markets offer an opportunity to mingle with the local people. The atmosphere of French Polynesia blends French sophistication and Polynesian gaiety. The people love to laugh and sing; they approach life with a joyous spirit. As you pause on French Polynesia's shores, relax and enjoy what many visitors consider to be paradises.

Useful Arrival Information
As visa and health requirements are subject to change without notice, we recommend that passengers verify existing foreign visa and health regulations prior to travel.

Entry Requirements
All passengers entering French Polynesia must be in possession of a valid passport and outbound ticket. Citizens of the following countries can stay 3 month without a visa: European Economic Community (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Portugal), Andorra, Austria, Cyprus, Finnland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Saint Marino, The Vatican, Sweden, Switzerland.

Citizens of the United States, Canada, South Korea, Hungary, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Czechoslovakia may visit for up to one month without a visa. Citizens from all other countries need visas for all stays, with the High Commissioner's approval. Since entry formalities may change at any moment, it is strongly recommended that you check with your airline serving Tahiti, or the nearest French consulate or Embassy. All passengers entering French Polynesia must have an outbound ticket.

Medical services
French Polynesia enjoys a high standard of health, with excellent medical and dental services, pharmacies, private clinics and a large government hospital in Tahiti. The outer islands have hospitals or dispensaries, and a few private practitioners.

Most of the hotels use 110 or 220 volts, a.c. 60 cycles. Power outlets for all shavers is a convenience provided in most hotels. A converter/adapter for other appliances is usually available upon request.

Direct dialing for local and international telephone calls is now very easy in French Polynesia, whether calling from you hotel or from the public hone booths.

Banking/Currency Click Here For Currency Exchange
The local currency, the French Pacific Franc (CFP), is on a parity with the French Franc (1 CFP = 0.055 French Francs). The exchange rate for other currencies fluctuates daily. There are international banks in Tahiti, with branch offices in the resort islands of French Polynesia, including a bank at the Tahiti/Faaa International Airport. Hotels will also exchange various currencies for CFP. Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants, boutiques and other tourist establishments.

Tipping is not a custom and is not expected.

Driving is on the right hand side of the road.

Tap water in the hotels and restaurants is safe to drink. A local mineral water "Eau Royale"and all sorts of French mineral waters are available.

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