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43 years’ experience with over 130,000 divers and 100% safety record.

Thanks to all of you that have used our scuba and snorkeling services in the past. Anyone that had to cancel an activity with us due to the virus, please keep us in mind upon your return. We are still here after 4 major hurricanes, an oil spill, several local medical viruses, earthquakes and now the pandemic. We are resilient.

The most recent government order for March, continues to recommend only essential travel to the island. Unfortunately, the continued covid numbers here are directing these restrictions. Residents coming back and medical personnel helping with covid here are the only essential travel recommended at this time.

Escambron beach access is finally open. Sunbathing or staying on our beaches is allowed with distancing 6-10 ft apart and mask wearing is required unless you are in the water. No alcohol is allowed on the beaches.

Right now, all indications reveal that leisure tourism will not resume probably until mid-2021. We continue to answer emails at caribaqu@aol.com and phone calls at 787-281-8858. People certified and with their own equipment can dive and snorkel. We recommend anyone coming to the island purchase their own snorkel equipment to use here. We are a tour operation, not a rental shop, so in the meantime, we might be able to refer you to a shop with whom we network for tank rentals or to buy snorkel sets.

With this new info and since our business depends on leisure outside tourists, and vaccines are just now becoming available, we have decided to hold off any activity reservations until June 2021. We are holding off doing our activities until we are able to get our vaccinations. We wish you to know that our company has always preferred working with individuals, couples, or small families, never large groups here!

Sickness has always been a contradiction to scuba diving and this virus is no exception. To protect our staff and other clients, when we reopen, we will ask every client to refrain from booking with us if they are suffering, showing symptoms, have been with some with covid 19 or have ever suffered from any symptoms of the Covid19 virus. Thank you for your support in this measure. This will keep us all safe!

We have disinfected all our scuba and snorkel gear and are ready to start, as soon as we can get vaccinated. The most recent order has increased numbers (50%) allowed for inside businesses like restaurants and casinos complying with the 6 ft. social distancing requirements.

You can check https://www.discoverpuertorico.com/info/travel-advisory which you can download to explain current restrictions, travel guidance and protocols due to the covid 19 situation.

Please do not plan a trip to the island right now, wait until mid-2021. Our numbers have not stabilized. Leisure travel is not recommended at this time.

If you do come to the island, please abide by all the CDC recommendations and protocols in place. Mask wearing is still required as is social distancing of 6-9ft.. So, for now, stay home and stay safe!

We hope to see you again starting June 2021.
Karen & Tony Vega

Have you ever been diving in a school of chubs, pet a seahorse or gotten eye to eye with an octopus? Have you ever had the experience of swimming through and under a reef, using the light beams coming through the reef to light your way through the passages? Well, this is some of the enjoyment that you get when diving with CARIBE AQUATIC ADVENTURES in San Juan. We cater to the tourist diver and have escorted more tourist dives than any other dive operator in San Juan.

Karen and Tony Vega, owners and dive guides, have over 43 years’ experience teaching and escorting divers in Puerto Rico. Having serviced over 130,000 divers in that time with a 100% safety record their reputation is irrefutable. Karen Vega and Caribe Aquatic Adventures have both received numerous outstanding service awards from both NAUI & PADI associations through the years. A common occurrence is 5-star reviews from their clients. Available NAUI & PADI Courses include Discover Scuba and Open Water checkouts, Advance course diving plus a variety of Specialties. We are also a Universal Instructor Affiliate. Languages spoken are English and Spanish.

We offer the best local dive sites in San Juan. The Figure 8 and Horseshoe Reefs are 30 ft. high, right off the beach, where you can experience fish feeding and swimming through tunnels. Prearranged escorted dives go out at 9:30 am, 11 am, 2:30 pm and 4 pm daily from the beach behind the Normandie San Juan Hotel. This reef is a breeding area for all types of unique marine life including, seahorses, octopus, squid, crustaceans, drum fish, bat fish, French angels, snappers and many others. Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Awards named Puerto Rico as 5th in Top Beach Dives and this San Juan reef is where the majority of these readers probably dove.

We also help arrange trips to the East coast or Fajardo area. This sailing Catamaran day trip is for snorkelers. Icacos and Palominos Islands are the most visited in this area. Trip goes from 8am to 5pm and transportation is available from San Juan for a full day of fun and adventure. Lunch, soft drinks and snorkel equipment are included in the price for this all day Island/Snorkel Picnic. Islands pictured here.

If you are coming in on a cruise ship, you can usually join at least one of our San Juan dives. We handle more cruise ship divers than any other operator in San Juan! We are just a mile away at the Escambron Beach. If you are staying in the San Juan area, there are a wide variety of major hotel chains or quaint inns and private guest houses to fit any price range. Airbnb rentals are popular on the island.

The Normandie Hotel is shown here. The reefs are located off the beach behind this hotel. Our office is located in our home. All activities need to be booked and confirmed in advance. We meet at the “Kiosko Escambron”, which is the refreshment stand on the far side of the lagoon from the back of the Normandie Hotel (next to the old fortress). The “Kiosko Escambron” picture with our van can be found in photo gallery along with views of beach dive entrance. We accept VISA and Master Card. We have a 48-hour written cancellation notification policy for confirmed reservations.

So if you're a beginner interested in our Discover Scuba, or a seasoned professional, and you like longer dives, small groups and intimate encounters where fish swim right along with you, you'll love our dives! Even if on business, all you need is a 2 hour window to sneak away for a quick dive on our reefs. Groups are kept small (usually 1-4 divers/ guide) for better underwater enjoyment. We'll even go diving with just one diver! We now offer escorted snorkel tours in the area 4 times daily!

The most common comments made after our dives are: "I never saw so many different animals on just one dive! How do you find these things?" Don't let it being a beach dive deter you. Maybe you will get to see our underwater reindeer pictured here! We have the best little critter dive in San Juan!

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For information and reservations please contact:

Karen Vega At:
Caribe Aquatic Adventures
Diving Behind Normandie Hotel San Juan
Mailing Address: 1062 Calle 19
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Office Phone: (787) 281-8858
Fax: (787) 765-7444

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