Oceania Dive Travel & Watersports Expo | Sydney 8 - 9 Sept 2012 | Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
Call for Exhibitors, Speakers and Pool Competitors
ODEX moves to the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

ODEX has been developed as a family friendly consumer event that will showcase products and services relating to recreational scuba diving, dive resorts and holiday destinations, underwater imaging, marine ecotourism and conservation initiatives , freediving and spearfishing, watersports and various other exciting underwater activities. ODEX is complemented by several educational seminars and is proud to be a Major Sponsor of the 2012 Australian Fin Swimming Championships.
Check out these fast facts:

  • Name: Oceania Dive Travel & Watersports Expo (ODEX)
  • Date of Event: Saturday 8 September ‐ Sunday 9 September 2012
  • Venue: Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC) http://www.aquaticcentre.com.au/
  • Location: Homebush ‐ Sydney ‐ Australia
  • Event Timings: Saturday 10am‐6pm Sunday 10am‐5pm
  • Ticket Costs: Adults $7 Children $6 (4‐15years)

All ticket prices and concessions are governed by SOPAC and subject to change. Entry includes the use of the venues leisure pools. Tickets can only be purchased at the venue.
Co‐Located Events:

  1. BLUE EDGE ‐ International Freediving and Spearfishing Exhibition and Conference
  2. 2nd Bluewater Hunting and Freediving Forum
    (Convenor Barry Andrewartha)
  3. OMCSS ‐ Oceania Marine Conservation and
    Popular Science Symposium
  4. OZFIN Nationals ‐ Australian Fin Swimming Championships

Official Website: http://www.odex.com.au
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/odex.page
Twiitter: http://www.twitter.com/oceaniadiveexpo.com
Media Tag: “Submerge your senses”
Organiser: Blue Edge Media Pty Ltd
Type of Event: Consumer Exhibition & Conference
Number of Exhibition Booths: 84
Expected Numbers: ODEX is working very closely with the SOPAC Marketing Team in a joint effort to combine both marketing and media resources. The Marketing Team at SOPAC has excellent publicity channels and strong media links in the mainstream press. In addition to this, the venue generally caters for an average of up to 2,000+ general public (swimmers) each weekend.
Blue Edge Media, the Organiser of the 2nd Oceania Dive Travel & Watersports Expo, has also developed and cultivated major print and online support from the both the dive and travel industry.
Therefore by working together with SOPAC, we would expect anything between 5000‐6000 visitors as a low estimate.
Retail Sales Policy: The number one reason why visitors came to ODEX in Brisbane was to buy gear and gadgets. Having a sales policy where you can sell stock will not only attract visitors seeking bargains but it will also help exhibitors sell off last season’s product lines or slow moving stock. We would like to encourage manufacturers, importers and wholesalers to support their regional retailers and dealers through joint sales promotions and brand initiatives at ODEX.
Free Car Parking: 4 hours automatic free parking applies with the purchase of an entry ticket.
Nearest Car Park: P2 Click here for more information
Nearest Train Station: Olympic Park Station
Nearest Pub: The Brewery at Novotel Hotel

Call for Exhibitors and Speakers

Exhibitions are one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an increasingly digital age they are the only media where the buyer, seller and product physically come together – a potent force for business.
Download our Exhibitor Prospectus here http://www.odex.com.au.
Contents include:

  • 2012 Fast Facts
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Call for Speakers at ODEX, Blue Edge & OMCSS
  • Pre Show Integrated Marketing
  • ODEX Becomes the Major Sponsor of the 2012 Australian Fin Swimming Championships
  • How to Apply for Booth Space
  • Stand Package Information
  • SOPAC Floorplans
  • ODEX Booth Layout
  • Venue Images
  • Transport and Parking
  • Accommodation Information
  • Exhibitor Tips
  • 2011 Post Show Survey
  • 2011 Testimonials
  • 2011 Exhibitors
  • 2011 Speakers
  • Exhibitor Application and Booking Contract

Australian National Fin Swimming Competition at ODEX

International Call for Fin Swimming Competitors
OZFIN, the organisers of the Australian Fin Swimming Championships 2012 are now seeking applicants for various disciplines.
Please review and download the timetable and official application here.
Fin swimming is a competitive swimming sport involving the use of fins. Competition Distances are similar to conventional swimming ranging from 50m to 1500m for surface events. We could liken the thrill of Fin Swimming compared to conventional swimming as that of Ice Hockey compared to grass hockey in as much as they both are faster and more exciting.
Elite competitors use a tale shaped Mono Fin where two feet fit into one large blade, but some still compete in duo fins or flippers. Elite competitors also swim without arms and use a special front fitting snorkel to breathe, moving through the water in a dolphin style motion.
Fin swimming is a fairly new competition, and was developed in Europe. After The First European Championship in 1967 and The First World Championship in 1976, International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved it as a regular event in 1986.
Origins of Australian Fin Swimming
Fin Swimming competitions in Australia have been conducted as a non-serious sport at the Australian Championships since 1971. Until 1988 all Fin Swimming Competitors at the Australian titles competed in other underwater sports and finswimming was a way of gaining extra State points. At the Australian tittles conducted at Bridgeport in Tasmania, Bruno Nufer, a spear-fishing competitor from NSW competed in large fiberglass fins (duos). These were the first fiberglass fins to be used at a finswimming competition in Australia. The following year, Nufer introduced the first Mono Fin that he had brought from Switzerland.
Finswimming remained an unimportant part of the Australian Underwater Federation's scene until 1988 when CMAS applied to the International Olympic Committee to have Finswimming accepted as an Olympic Sport. That year, Underwater Hockey players, Les Proud from Queensland and Junior competitor Richard Lane from Tasmania, broke ten of twelve existing Australian records for Finswimming events. Les Proud went onto be Australia's first International competitor competing at the 5th World Championships in Rome 1990. Les was Australia's only competitor for these events and broke 6 Australian records. He spent two months training with the Dutch and Swiss teams prior to his competition and was able to bring back to Australia new training methods and ideas for equipment.
At Australia's first Asian Championships in Seoul, South Korea, six of the team members made finals with one exciting finish that put Amanda Jackson into fourth place by only part of a second over 1500 m. Her Australian record made in Seoul stood until 1994. Australian records were broken in every women's event.
Australia's first team effort for the 6th World Championships of 1992 in Athens, consisted of a team of ten competitors. Eleven Australian records were broken, some of them twice. The most outstanding record was by the second youngest team member, 17yr old Jeremy Morse who took 26 seconds off his old time to finish 23rd overall in the 1500m event.
In 1994, Australia competed for the third time at the world championships. Two Australian team members, a much improved nineteen year old Jeremy Morse and Sabina Lane (25) gained the best placing both finishing 17th & 18th. Jeremy in the 1500m Surface event and Sabina in the 400m Scuba event.
The Asian fin swimming championships were held in Hobart in 1996, proving to be a tremendous success. Hobart was host to the International Masters competition in 2004. Australia is hosting the inaugural Commonwealth Championships at the AIS in Canberra in February 2007.

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