5 Beautiful and Common Reef Fish of Indonesia

For a spectacular diving experience, try the waters off the Indonesian coastline. The reef fish of Indonesia are among the most stunning and varied in the world, with new species being discovered as recently as 2011. While there are over a thousand species to explore, here are five of the more common varieties to whet your appetite for adventure.

Royal Angelfish

via flickr/Andreas März

There are several species of angelfish among the reef fish of Indonesia, but the royal angelfish is one of the most stunning. With its elegant, curving stripes of yellow, orange, and blue, its vivid appearance will give underwater photographers the shot of a lifetime.


via flickr/Sylke Rohrlach

The many species of frogfish have evolved to look like their coral surroundings, producing some of the most elaborate camouflage patterns in any fish. Dotted with spinules and bumps, their coloring mottled and sometimes aided by a layer of algae, frogfish are one of the great secret residents of Indonesia’s reefs.

Mirror Butterflyfish

via Wikipedia/Bernard E. Picton

Like angelfish, there are several species of butterflyfish that are native reef fish of Indonesia. The mirror butterflyfish is one of the most instantly recognizable. The single black spot against its bright yellow body will be familiar to dive and wildlife enthusiasts alike.


via flickr/berniedup

With their elongated, almost sticklike bodies, and tubular snouts, trumpetfish are some of the most unusual fish found in Indonesian reefs. Their bodies are rigid, but that doesn’t keep them from being one of the most skilled predators in Indonesian waters. Their ability to mimic colors and their strategic placement next to large herbivores as blinds makes them stealthy, lethal hunters—worth any diver’s attention.


via flickr/prilfish

No list would be complete without the striking clownfish, one of the most recognizable of Indonesia’s species due to the success of the movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Divers, however, might want to explore the symbiotic relationship formed between the clownfish and the sea anemones they shelter in, as each provides the other protection, and the clownfish often act as a lure for the anemone’s prey.

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