Create Air Goggles to Locate Items Dropped Underwater

No summer vacation would be complete without sacrificing one or more personal belongings to a body of water, whether it be a lake, a river, a pond, or the sea. Depending on how deep the body of water is, you may actually have a chance at retrieval if you act quickly. However, this may mean plunging your face into the water and having a look around, which many people won't do for a variety of reasons. This is where creating a simple pair of air goggles can save the day — and your stuff.

Some people just physically can't make themselves open their eyes underwater, but there are a few legitimate reasons to be concerned. Contact lens wearers, in particular, have an aversion to opening their eyes underwater for fear of losing one or both lenses, or the lens shape being altered by changes in water pressure. And whether you wear contact lenses or not, non-chlorinated water sources harbor bacteria that could cause infection if you expose your uncovered eyeballs.

Making a pair of air goggles is simple: Cup your hands around your eyes like you're shielding them from the sun, bend over, and plunge your face beneath the surface to have a look around. Much like a diving bell retains a pocket of air when it is pushed into the water open side down, the cup created by your hands will retain an air pocket large enough for you to see clearly underwater without exposing your eyes to water.

This video offers a demonstration of this simple technique that can help you locate items dropped in the water, as long as it is shallow enough to actually retrieve them.

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