5 Popular Cenote Dives of the Riviera Maya

If you are a diver, chances are good you have heard or read about the cenote dives of the Riviera Maya. These underwater caverns offer some of the most beautiful and unusual dive sites to be found anywhere in the world, with incredible mineral formations coming from above and below that are breathtaking to behold.


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Near Tulum, this trio of sinkholes has a distinguishable line drawn between the fresh water and saltwater, making it a ‘must see’ dive site. However, in order to exit the site, you must ascend by ladder while in full gear! Not for everyone but if physically able, a must–see.

Dos Ojos

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This intriguing site, whose name translates to Two Eyes in English, is tucked away in the jungle and characterized by its two cavern openings that look like two eyes glaring into the abyss from the surface. Once inside you will be diving one of the longest known underwater cave systems in the world. This cenote has been featured in documentaries and Hollywood films, making it one of the most well known dive destinations in the world.

El Pit

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While El Pit is actually considered part of Dos Ojos, it is known as a challenging dive because of the location off the beaten path, requiring a short hike through the jungle. This site offers beauty few are lucky enough to experience.


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Angelita is one of the deepest caverns you can dive in the region. However, while it is one of the more popular Cenote dives of the River Maya, and cave certification is not required, you do need to have your advanced certification with at least 20 logged dives before attempting this beauty.

Tajma Ha

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This site ranks as one of the top five cenote dives of the Riviera Maya because of its unique qualities that allow light to filter through the top of the cenote through the water column in brilliant beams. Many fossil remains are embedded in the walls and floor or Tajma Ha, offering a glimpse into ancient history as you enjoy your tour.

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