The 3 Best Places to Dive in Malaysia

Malaysia is a gem of Southeast Asia, adorned with some of the most breathtaking waters in the world. There is a vast range of scuba diving opportunities in Malaysia, from the pristine coral Atoll of Layang Layang to the popular Sipadan Island. Let's take a look at just a few of the most popular offerings within this beautiful island nation.

Sipadan Island
Sipadan is located on the northeastern corner of Borneo and is one of the premiere places to dive in Malaysia. Formed by living corals on top of an extinct volcanic cone, the marine life is vibrant and diverse, offering amazing shots for underwater photographers. Expect to see green and hawksbill sea turtles, rainbow hued parrotfish, schools of barracuda, and the graceful swoop of a manta or spotted eagle ray as you glide over mounds of hard and soft corals covered in all manner of invertebrates and tropical fish.

Lankayan Island
Lankayan is an island in northern Sandakan east of Sabah. The island has a whole new definition of marine tourism. Palm trees, sandy beaches, and casuarinas trees create a stunning view of the environs. Marine life ranges from surgeonfish, snappers, wrasses, damselfish, and angelfish to large black tip reef sharks.

via flickr/BasL

Layang Layang Island
Layang Layang is a stunning island in the South China Sea within a coral atoll filled with wondrous soft and hard corals and hundreds of species of inhabitants. Larger denizens, like great hammerhead sharks, can often be seen patrolling these reefs — an amazing sight to be sure! Boat diving is the main offering here, with sites ranging from 5-15 minutes away from the resort, but shore divers can enjoy pier diving during the day or night. This island is only open to the public from March to August, with ideal tropical surface and water temperatures occurring during this season.

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