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    Red face Why there are so few Thai people to be diving?

    Only 5% of Thai people that interesting of the diving industry. But do you know you will get new experience,more funny and feeling awesome with them.

    So please give us for a chance, North Bangkok University is trying to take the subject of scuba diving into the tourism branch of the liberal arts department. If you have ever been diving in Trat province at Koh Chang, Koh Kood, Koh Mak, or Koh Rang, please do this questionnaire to help with their research and improve education in Thailand.

    If you wanna change us. Please share and do the questionnaire for us .

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    That is easy to figure out why.

    Thais run from the sun. In most SE Asian countries light skin means higher class, work inside and dark skin means lower class while working outside.
    Advertising for skin whitening cream is everywhere.

    Most diving is done by foreigners. Thais are very nationalistic/xenophobic and with that domestic opinion, they do not learn English as a result.
    English skills by Thais in ASEAN is the worst. Thais that speak English is probably 5% too. Tons of information on the internet to learn English for free, but
    LINE chat, FB and games seem to be what is popular vs. learning an international language that will result in a bigger salary. English schools are everywhere
    in Thailand, but you have to WANT to learn. Thais I know that learned English make more money then those that do not and for a Buddhist country, oddly
    Thais seem to love money.

    Thai is for Thais and English is for the world.
    Diving is an international sport not a domestic one.


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