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    Thumbs up Letís get to know where is the best wreck ship in Thailand

    Getting ready to dive in Asia??
    You should visit this dive site, an amazing experience you’ll remember for a long time!! On November 22, 2012 the U.S. warship HTMS Chang was sunk to make a new home for marine life and underwater animals.

    The vessel was in the Korean War and originally built for the United States Navy during World War II. In 1962 it was turned over to the government of Thailand for service in the Royal Thai Navy as Chang (LST-2).

    Thanks to global warming, many coral reefs have been damage a lot, so they decided to sink the big vessel HTMS Chang to help recover the underwater system. If you go dive there you can find many fish, sea animals and coral reefs. Diving to 30 m. depth you will have a great day there!

    Whale sharks are another reason that makes many divers come to this site. In Thailand the whale shark is an endangered species but many divers have unexpectedly found one in this area from last year December until now!

    Check this video out:

    Reported by Dolphin Divers, Thailand
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