We are delighted to announce a 20% saving and complimentary NITROX on the last spaces on the following 2017 cruises:

Deluxe Cabin US$6325 now US$5060, a HUGE saving of US$1,265 per person!

1711 - 22 May - 2nd June 2017: Alor, East & Southern Maluku Islands (Kalabahi - Kalabahi)
1713 - 16th-27th June 2017: Alor & Wetar (Maumere-Maumere)
1714 - 28th June - 9th July 2017: Alor & Wetar (Maumere-Maumere)
1717 - 3-14th August 2017: Komodo (Bima/Maumere)
1718 - 15-26th August 2017: Alor & Wakatobi (Alor/Baubau)

This trip offers two rich and distinct areas: the muck sites and unique reefs of Flores and Alor, followed by the bustling coral expanses of the Wakatobi region in Southeast Sulawesi. We will visit many of the best areas in Alor, before sailing northwards to the Wakatobi region and the famed kaleidoscope reefs.
Spaces are limited and will be booked on a first come/first served basis.

Raja Ampat is the most well known of the West Papuan diving regions, but after several years when it was not possible to visit, Triton Bay has now rejoined the diving roster. Despite this, its remote location keeps the masses away and it is largely unexplored, so is perfect for the adventurous diver. The area has unique and pristine reefs, blessed with a profusion of corals fed by rich waters that also bring abundant fish life. Rich and bountiful marine life require fuel, so visibility can sometimes be low, due to nutrients and plankton in the water. However, soft corals grow right up to the surface and critters abound. The bay has high levels of biodiversity, as well as several notable endemic species including stunning flasher wrasse, dottyback, jawfish, damselfish and even the Triton Bay walking shark.

US$6325 per person in a deluxe cabin plus US$255 port/park fees & long distance fuel surcharge of US$300.

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