Indonesia Liveaboard Photography Workshop - Raja Ampat 2017

DATE: 20-30 September 2017
LOCATION: Raja Ampat
VESSEL: Sea Safari 8
LIST PRICE: $4990 Per Person
SPECIAL OFFER: $3990 Per Person
Discount = $500-$1000 Per Person
This is open to all levels of photographers and videographers.
The Underwater Tribe (Luca Vaime & Mike Veitch - BBC Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2013) and Jace Green (11 years as a professional underwater videographer) will be on hand for any questions you may have regarding marine life behavior, shot composition, colour correction, white balance, use of natural light, strobes or video lights and other essential techniques throughout the day. We will also do some blackwater dives, as Raja Ampat's rich waters are full of interesting planktonic life. You will also have the chance to test out some new equipment from the FixNeo Lighting range.

They are supplying us with some video lights and focus lights for you to enjoy during the trip.

360 Tour of Sea Safari 8 here:

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