Scuba Diving The Corridor of Palm Beach County Florida USA

Considered one of the best dive spots in Palm Beach County, Florida, The Corridor is a 1,700-foot long drift dive featuring shipwrecks and rock piles, which are home to schools of tropical fish, goliath grouper, rays, and sea turtles. Within just moments of heading north out of Palm Beach Inlet, you could be splashing in to explore these monumental wrecks.

The Corridor starts with the Mizpah, a 185-foot long Greek luxury liner. Sunk in 1968 to form an artificial reef, this vessel sits upright in 85-90 feet of water. The ship remained intact for several years after it sunk, but the bow has since been pulled open by the currents, and a 1991 storm damaged the stern. Before it was scuttled, all the doors and portholes were removed to enable divers to swim through and explore the interior. The constant flow of the currents through the ship keeps visibility relatively clear, and many daytime divers find that they don’t even need additional dive lights.

Next, you’ll find the remains of PC 1170, a 165-foot long military patrol vessel also sunk in 1968. This ship lies upright in two sections just in front of the bow of the Mizpah. Covered in soft corals, this ship is home to eagle rays, spiny lobster, and some of the largest moray eels on the east coast.

Continue along The Corridor and you’ll find yourself at what remains of the cargo ship the Amaryllis. In September of 1965, Hurricane Betsy was hammering the southeast Florida coast. A Greek cargo vessel, the Amaryllis was struggling to make headway against the storm and sought refuge in the Port of Palm Beach. The crew battled against high winds and seas created by the Category 3 storm, but after losing steering controls, the ship was forced aground amid the shallow, coral-laced waters off Riviera Beach. Everyone on board was unharmed and the ship was later sunk to add to this growing artificial reef area.

While the area is populated with numerous fish species and lobster, it is a “no collect” zone, meaning you can’t hunt or spear in The Corridor. With depths ranging between 80-90 feet, this is considered an advanced dive. Take a look at this video of a dive in The Corridor, where visitors explore the remains of these vessels, and encounter schools of fish and a few turtles.

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