Please Read This Before Your Next Dive Show or Next Advertising Expenditure

It is that time of year again when irrelevant dive media assume relevancy at dive
shows. It is also that time of year when people spend money on advertising at dive
shows with companies that have a booth, but very little internet traffic/relevance.

The advertising companies and industry associations with assumed web traffic, assumed
social media presence with email broadcast services will stand around at dive shows and
assume relevancy without any relevancy at all. They will be there preaching their advertising
reach, social media reach and email broadcast reach, while at the same time not having any
proven real solid numbers.

There are plenty of media entities with relevancy and certainly plenty with just assumed
relevancy. Do not take our word for it. Use your brain and more importantly use 3rd party
entities to determine relevancy/traffic.

Alexa is a great traffic barometer
Compare dive industry websites for relevancy here at:

Is Alexa an exact number? No.
Alexa is a barometer of traffic.

Use Facebook as a bench mark or reference at:

Our Alexa number is here at:

Please spend some time inputting web addresses and looking at the statistics.
Those companies you think have traffic, may or may not.
Relevancy is easy to figure out vs. assumed relevancy when you use Alexa.

Facebook & Social Media
If you have powerful social media channels then your Alexa numbers will prove that.

This is our group page as an example:

Group pages are far more powerful than a like page. Having a group or like page with a
few thousand likes or a few thousand group members is a joke and the norm for many
advertising entities that claim relevance, but is just the opposite.

If your social media numbers are strong, so is your web traffic and will result in a better
advertising decision.

Email Broadcasting
Sending out an email broadcast to a list that is only a few hundred or few thousand is a joke.
If your email list is large, then powerful and strong Alexa stats will show that. If you have
crappy Alexa numbers that means your website traffic is low, social media numbers are low
and your email broadcast is small too. When you see those pitching their extensive email
broadcasting, ask to see the list. Email lists are on hard drives and accessible online like
Constant Contact.

When you look at real numbers, real traffic and real relevancy you will quickly figure out who is
relevant vs. not relevant. Paying advertising fees to a company with irrelevancy is a waste of
your money.

I hope the 3 points made above assist you in making relevant decisions on relevancy and
assist you in spending your hard earned advertising budget on relevancy vs. assumed
relevancy. Numbers do not lie. Liars do. 3rd party entities to determine relevancy is basic
and takes a few minutes and a few key strokes.

If you are looking to increase web traffic, social media numbers and email broadcast services,
please visit:

Thanks, Have A Great Show & Safe Dives!