These soft, yet durable garments are designed to provide the utmost in warmth. The function of this lightweight chamois material is that it offers the highest level of protection against rapidly changing weather conditions. Its unique design promotes maximum water absorbing action from your body after watersports. This resilient line of active gear is worn and endorsed by lifeguards, surfers, water skiers, swimmers, divers, boaters and beachgoers throughout the world.

The Material
Produced from the natural stocks of cotton plants, this recyclable, 100% viscose fleece is non-woven and designed under our demanding specifications to meet the special needs of a diverse, yet very specific market. Pre-washed and pre-shrunk, they become softer and even more comfortable every time you wash them. The greatest level of comfort.

Warmth & Wicking
The functional beauty of chamois is its natural wicking effect. Moisture and water from your body is instantly absorbed, providing unmatched dryness, comfort, and warmth.

Maximum Comfort & Style
Lightweight, pre-washed, and pre-shrunk chamois apparel is designed to move with you. These loose-fitting, breathable garments keep you warm in severe weather and cool and dry in tropical conditions. The material softens after each washing and is available in a variety of colors and styles.

Smaller - Under 140 lbs.
Most - Under 180 lbs.
Bigger - 180 lbs. - 230 lbs.

Surf White
Natural Sand
Storm Gray
Sea Green
Ocean Blue
Denim Blue
Sunset Red

Chammyz products are shipped from the manufacturer in Canada and can take 7 to 10 business days for delivery.

Shipping Fees

Surf Bomber
Select Quantity: Select Size: Select Color: Price: $70.00

Classic Pullover
Select Quantity: Select Size: Select Color: Price: $60.00

Lounge Pants
Select Quantity: Select Size: Select Color: Price: $50.00

Baggie Shorts
Select Quantity: Select Size: Select Color: Price: $35.00

Cutt-off Shorts
Select Quantity: Select Size: Select Color: Price: $22.00

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