What To Know Before Spending Money On Advertising This Dive Show Season

It is that time of year when the big dive shows start and you should be prepared with knowledge to make proper advertising decisions for your scuba diving services.

There are plenty of old men standing around at dive shows giving awards to each other for scuba diving, while asking how to get more youth in the industry. It is ironic at best. It has been like that for decades. There will also be plenty of old men assuming they know the internet and falsely preaching regarding all the traffic they have. There are online magazines, news wire services, dive associations & scuba resources that all assume relevancy with really bad traffic numbers. In addition, some dive shows give these low traffic websites booths, assuming great returns in web traffic. What a joke.

Alexa.com - Owned By Amazon.com/Jeff Bezos
Dive Shows Do not take our word for it, use 3rd party entities like Alexa.com to determine relevancy vs. an assumption of relevancy. Spend some time inputting web addresses from around the dive industry and you might be surprised as to real relevancy vs. assumed relevancy.

Use Facebook as an indicator:

This is our ranking for DiveGuide.com:

If you want to start comparing relevancy or lack of relevance simply edit the red address below

You can also submit web addresses here at:

Facebook.com/Social Media
A few thousand 'likes' on Facebook & in some cases just a few hundred 'followers' on things like Twitter is the norm for most of these dinosaurs. Wen you spend some time comparing social media numbers from one company to the next in the dive industry, it can be quite revealing. Preaching social media services with assumed expertise without having any social media presence would be contradictory and waste of advertising money

Currently, we have a very active Facebook group with nearly 30,000 members.

Currently, we have over 9,000 followers on Twitter.

Currently, one of the biggest dive shows in USA uses a dive news service to distribute their press releases. This news service has a little over 2,000 likes on Facebook. Pathetic at best and practically invisible.

Go compare our Facebook reach & Twitter followers with others, it is laughable.

Email Broadcasting
If your email broadcast list is large and relevant, then the previous 2 points made above would follow suit. If you have low Alexa and Facebook numbers, then your email list is small too. Ask any old media dinosaur at a dive show to see their email list, their response will be entertaining. If they use Constant Contact, that is accessible with an internet connection and email lists are also stored on hard drives. This info is easily accessible to view how many email addresses are in a list. Most email lists are only a few thousand email addresses, currently we have over 25,000.

Relevancy is often assumed in the dive industry and the resources we provided, should help you determine advertising services with real traffic vs. assumed traffic.

Numbers do not lie, people do.

For established internet advertising, please sign up at: http://www.diveguide.com/rates.htm

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